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Lib/Nats plan to cut P-plate deaths

The most effective immediate way to improve road safety, cut the road toll and reduce P-plate driver accidents is to get police highway patrols back on NSW roads.

How do we know this? The NRMA stated in June: The visible presence (of highway patrol officers) is by far the best deterrent and the best way of convincing people to behave.

My mate Paul Gibson, who is the Labor MP for Blacktown and chairman of the NSW Parliaments Staysafe Committee, says Policing the road is the greatest single deterrent to accidents.

Of course we also have to fix the Pacific Highway, but that wont be completed for another 10 years and if we sit on our hands until then we face the prospect of many more young road fatalities.

That is why I warmly welcome the NSW Liberal/Nationals plan to boost the number of NSW highway patrol officers by one third from 900 to 1200.

The Coalition plan also provides for an extra 120 highway patrol cars and 50 motorcycles, dedicated to reducing speeding, drink driving and cutting P-plate accidents and deaths.

There is no better deterrent to rogue drivers, especially P-platers, than marked police cars patrolling our streets and highways.

Official statistics show that under Labor, highway patrol officers have travelled almost 500,000 fewer kilometres in the first three months of 2006 compared with seven years ago.

The Iemma-Costa Labor Governments cuts to police numbers since 2003 has put road safety at risk as highway patrol officers are taken off the road to do other general duties police work.

Labors Plan: advertise itself out of trouble at your expense

As anyone who has been watching the cricket knows, the NSW Labor Government has embarked on a massive marketing campaign of its so-called State Plan. This is part of a $100 million advertising blitz this year which is being paid for not from Labor Party funds, but your taxes. But if you have a look at Labors plan on the government website, there is very little in it for the North Coast.

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