S Sense

I have a lot of stuff.

Just the stuff in my car would make an Asian family rich. Unfortunately the car itself wouldnt. It would make them very poor. Very quickly.

Its the material culture I live in. I have everything you could want. Shack, car (sort of) and fridge! Yes folks, I have my first ever Big Fridge in the shack. And it works! I even put socks in there to get cold because I can. (Then I was going to put my boxers in there but I got cold feet.)

Because of my humble solar power set-up I can only run a gas fridge. And theyre expensive. So, Ive been condemned to a succession of little bar fridges.

But now, I have a Big Fridge. (It even has a freezer. Someone told me to keep the bread in there, but its hard to make a sandwich. And I mean HARD. Luckily I forgot to put the butter in the fridge, so it sort of evened out.)

Cold beer and fresh food. Yum. Ive prioritised the shelves in the fridge already and conscientiously devoted all the door shelves to food. See? Organised.

But do you know what my favourite possession is? And do you know its content is over three billion years old? (Obviously its not the fridge. Though it already has some very old stuff in it. My fridge is like a halfway house for compost.)

Give up?

My 5000 gallon (15 trillion litre) concrete water tank. And its full.

Clean water. What a luxury. No chlorine, no fluoride, no fertiliser run off. Just rainwater (with some leaves, a few insects, three feathers and a squidgy thing) in a big concrete vault. Cause its valuable.

I decided this after reading that it takes 11,000 litres of water to create a hamburger, 7000 for a cotton t-shirt and 5000 litres for a kilo of rice. 4000 litres for a litre of cows milk.

Though the world grows twice as much food as it did in the 1960s, it takes three times as much water to do so. So much for the green revolution. The new species of crops are created to maximise production per hectare but they use a lot of water. (And fertiliser.)

So do industries. (Except for the fertiliser.)

Some of the largest rivers in the world just dont reach the sea anymore. Sucked dry.

Water tables are plummeting as first and third world farmers resort to pumping from limited underground reservoirs. Scary.

So I love my tank with its cool, clear, clean water. (Except for that other stuff I mentioned before.) I like to hug it and feel its cool watery wealth. Once I kissed it. (Sort of limey taste. Not bad actually. And a tank is forever)

If I didnt have to pay for my car repairs (did I tell you?), my mortgage, my phones, entertainment costs then I would buy another tank and fill it before the rain stops. Or gets privatised.

You could come around and have a drink of reasonably clean water. And a sandwich.

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