TP Health sells for $40m; Dean tries new brew

TP Health owner Christopher Dean (pictured) sold his tea tree oil business for $40 million this week and hes now on a mission to bring the healing benefits of another type of tea to the world.

The company was sold to New Zealand company Thompsons, which was started in 1951 by English herbalist M. Barrington Thompson, who opened New Zealnds first health food shop.

Im really glad that we have sold to a family company with the same ethos as TP Health, said Christopher. And I believe that new people will bring new energy and the company will continue to grow into the future.

Christopher said there were no staff redundancies planned following the sale and that any changes would only be positive ones. He will continue to work with TP Health, but said it would no longer consume his whole working life.

Christopher is now working with Organic India to promote the benefits of tulsi tea, which is a sacred herb in India believed to have widespread healing properties, including reducing stress and boosting immunity.

I have been so impressed by the extraordinary healing powers of tulsi and by the company itself, said Christopher. The people have a real desire to serve humanity.

Christopher has been elected director and co-chairperson of Organic India and will work alongside his wife Lynda to crystalise the vision of the company. Organic India is committed to organic products and supporting sustainable farming for Indian people.

My passion has always been to educate the world about the potency of natural medicine to optimise health and the use of natural medicines over pharmaceutical drugs, said Christopher. That passion is now directed at Organic India, which has transformed the lives of thousands of Indian farmers.

Christopher said he and Lynda would make a substantial contribution from the sale of TP Health to the Northern Rivers Community Foundation, a philanthropic venture that supports local projects.

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