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Nuclear power

I will fight to stop the Howard Government from building a nuclear reactor in our local area.

Locals are telling me that they dont want nuclear power plants built anywhere in our community.

There has been a lot of talk about taking our nation down the path of nuclear power lately.

Moving towards nuclear power does not stack up economically, environmentally or strategically.

We have abundant sources of alternative energy in this country; there are serious unresolved issues around nuclear waste disposal and there are important national security issues to be considered.

John Howard wont come clean on where he plans to build these power plants.

Australians have a right to know which suburbs or coastal towns would be lumped with a new nuclear reactor; how nearby residents and schools would be kept safe; and what would be done with high-level nuclear waste when there is still no solution to the disposal of low and medium level waste.

Towering nuclear plants and toxic waste is not the sort of future we want to hand over to our children

There are cleaner, greener sources of energy. We dont need nuclear energy. We dont need nuclear power plants next door to our schools, businesses or near our homes.

Federal Labor stands for renewables, not reactors.

Federal dental scheme

One of the first acts of the Howard Government in 1996 was to abolish the Commonwealth Dental Scheme.

There are now at least 650,000 Australians waiting for dental treatment around the country.

It is an absolute disgrace that Australians are missing out on this vital health service because they cant afford to see a dentist when they need to.

Going without dental care can lead to other health problems such as malnutrition, social isolation, mouth, lung and blood infection and increased risk of heart disease.

Our local community is crying out for a federally funded dental scheme. Locals are always telling me that they are concerned about a lack of affordable dental care.

Over 4000 residents signed my dental petition, calling on the federal government to reinstate the Commonwealth Dental Scheme.

The Federal Labor Party has made a commitment to bring back the Commonwealth Dental Scheme.

Federal Labor were serious about providing affordable dental care and health care for all Australians.

Art finds science in Quad

Art finds science in Quad

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NEG means many things to many

NEG means many things to many

NEG can be an abbreviation of either negative or negligible

Help's at hand in many forms for farming families

Help's at hand in many forms for farming families

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