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Skills for Australias future

By now, you would probably have seen the ads announcing a major investment in up-skilling Australias workforce.

Last month, the Australian Government unveiled a package of skills initiatives worth $837 million over five years.

Skills for the Future will deliver more opportunities for Australians to gain new skills and help develop a more entrepreneurial workforce (including assisting adults to gain literacy and numeracy skills that are basic requirements in the workplace). It also focuses on the need for continuous upgrading of skills over the course of an individuals working life.

The Australian Governments $3000 Work Skills vouchers will provide a great opportunity for people aged 25 years and over to gain the basic skills they need to succeed in their jobs and give them a head start in the workplace.

From January 1, 2007, 30,000 people a year will benefit from this initiative this means 150,000 Australians over five years.

New financial incentives will help more Australians looking to take up a trade apprenticeship in mid-career. Apprentices in traditional trades will also receive support to help them gain the necessary skills to run their own businesses.

The package makes a substantial new investment in Australias future engineering skills. As well as funding more university engineering places, it offers additional employer incentives so that more Australians gain higher level technical skills at Diploma and Advanced Diploma levels.

Skills for the Future further underlines the Coalition Governments commitment to skilling Australia and giving Australians the opportunity to learn a trade no matter what their age or walk of life.

For more information on Skills for the Future go to www.pm.gov.au.

Tools for your Trade

The Australian Governments Tools for your Trade initiative has been up and running now for almost 18 months. This initiative allows Australian apprentices who started after July 1, 2005 (and in trades experiencing skills needs) to receive a tool kit valued up to $800.

TooIs for your Trade allows apprentices starting in eligible traditional trades to receive a financial head start in their new careers. After the first three months of their training, a voucher is provided to the employer to purchase a tool kit. The apprentice is eligible to keep the kit upon completion of a further six months of training.

Further information is available from www.toolsforyourtrade.com.au or by calling 1800 557 875.

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