Time to nurture not neglect our young

Re: Letter by Sarah Hort (Give Youth a Go, Echo, November 16).

What a fabulous and intelligent 13-year-old Sarah Hort is to write such an articulate letter standing up for our young people. The trouble is Sarah that people tend to make gross generalisations about many groups in society (sole parents, Centrelink clients, the elderly etc) and this is a side of human nature which rears its ugly head way too often.

Teenagers today are growing up in an ever more bleak and stressful world where a sense of belonging isnt experienced by many. Young people have a difficult time coping with puberty, finding their own identity and making sense of the world. Add poverty, neglect and criticism to this and its a recipe for going off the rails.

You are one of many teenagers who are achieving lots and doing very positive community based activities and maybe there would be more like you if adults stopped whining and instead took the time to take troubled youth under their wing and provide a positive role model and mentor. Nuture rather than alienate.

Im with you and hope that the leaders of tomorrow do a much better job of running the country and looking after the environment. After all, it was largely us Baby Boomers who got us where we are today a world where self interest comes before community and compassion for those less fortunate. Where corporate profits come before job security and supporting Australian made items and produce.

Greed comes at a cost, as does neglecting young people in need. Lets start looking out for others a little more and stop generalising altogether. Lets start changing our attitude and rediscover the value of community and belonging for everyone a notion from the very distant past it seems.

T Rowney


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