Telstras Next G breaks down barriers

Telstra sales consultant Joseph McKinnon with of the new Next G handsets.

Distance is no longer a major barrier for residents of the Far North Coast thanks to Telstras new nationwide mobile broadband network.

Australias fastest and largest mobile broadband network Telstras turbo-charged Next G is now live across the Far North Coast after it was switched on last month.

In an Australian first, the new network enables customers to watch movies and television, download music and access a range of exclusive internet services from their mobile handsets.

The network allows teleworkers at remote locations using wireless broadband and video conferencing to access information traditionally stored in the office almost instantaneously while they are on the road, at a clients office or in the back of a taxi.

Telstra CountryWides Far North Coast general manager, Sue Passmore, said Next G was great news for people in the region and a key part of Telstras plan for Australia.

It is more than 100 times bigger than any other 3G network in Australia, delivering voice and broadband services to 98 per cent of the population, she said. Nowhere else in the world has such a far reaching, high-speed and versatile mobile broadband network been built and launched within a year. Next G will offer turbo charged mobile broadband to areas that havent had broadband before and regional customers will get access to Australias number one video calling service for the first time helping to break down the distance barriers.

Turbo charged with High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA), Next G is up to 50 times faster than dial-up and up to five times faster than other 3GSM networks.

Telstra has also created a unique My Place menu for its customers to access their nine most relevant services and applications. With a simple one-touch, one-click customers can access Foxtel, Sensis search, BigPond content, music, email, photos, downloads, maps and My Account information from their Next G handsets.

Telstra customers can also make voice calls on their Australian Next G mobile phone in more than 140 countries while travelling overseas as well as access 3G services such as video calling and high speed data in 30 countries.

Customers will be able to install a Next G turbo card into their computer, providing high-speed access to the internet for business, entertainment, or personal applications, such as browsing the web or email.

Next G customers are invited to share feedback on coverage bright spots and black spots by calling 125 111 or visit the Telstra website.

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