StarGazing with Lillith

As major planets snap, crackle and pop into the sign of the energetic Archer, life hots up to the trademark Sagittarian sizzle. This week in 1934 Cole Porters musical Anything Goes premiered his opinion that The world has gone mad today seems increasingly relevant...

ARIES: Fiery Sagittarian influences have a wildly flammable effect on the Aries temperament, putting you at risk of, well, losing it. Going off. Saying things you know youre going to regret. This week self control and a sense of the absurd are essential survival tools.

TAURUS: Youll want to be free to act on your own initiative this week if youre not, ask yourself why that is. And know this is a highly auspicious time for rewriting rules, rebrokering agreements, stretching the envelope, breaking weighty chains

GEMINI: Geminis love discussion and debate, and this week brings no shortage of sparring partners. But skins are thin and buttons easily pushed, so keep an eye on the emotional thermostat others may be taking it all much more seriously than you.

CANCER: Sagittarian transits offer lessons in what Buddhists call right speech or discriminating communication. Notice the effects this week of unkind judgements, demeaning gossip or belittling opinions. Yours where applicable, other peoples if youve already sprouted wings.

LEO: Mercury out of retrograde stretches like a bridge over last weeks troubled waters. Fiery Sagittarian energys kicking in, skies are brighter, spirits lighter, and as you sniff those random spring ions in the wind you reconnect with your real self a lover, not a fighter.

VIRGO: Present non self-censoring planetary vibes dont care whether youre too this or not enough that liberating, eh? While this zesty week effervesces away some of that energetic density youve collected recently, let the winds of change take you for a ride

LIBRA: In an organising mood? Dont even think about whipping others into shape youll achieve more of what you want by changing the way you spend your own time, money and mental energy. Simple will give you the most elegant solutions if its easy, its right.

SCORPIO: This weeks controversial ideas are likely to spark volatile reactions, but youve never been one to fold easily. Dont waste emotional energy in small wars though set a goal worthier of your efforts and stick to achieving it.

SAGITTARIUS: Youre on a roll this week, but dont be hard on those who arent you need their calming influence in your fiery life. Others will appreciate your fun way of getting things done, but be seriously unimpressed by temper tanties or impatience displays.

CAPRICORN: Loosen the reins this week, never mind what others think. Whenever else are you going to free up your spirit and reacquaint yourself with the dreams you once had, the things you used to enjoy when you werent so busy?

AQUARIUS: Youll like this week it breaks rules. People will be more inclined to laugh at themselves, though probably still not thrilled to have you do it for them. Use your comedic talents to defuse explosive situations rather than create them.

PISCES: Mercury out of retrograde, the planet of change moving forward in Pisces, your planetary ruler doing the same in the sign of progress, are all indications that the cosmos is currently prepared to co-operatively support Piscean plans.

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