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New Kyoto needed

There has been a lot of commentary recently about global warming and Australia not being a signatory to the Kyoto agreement. However, the Australian Government believes that a new, modified Kyoto agreement would not only be fairer, but more likely to reduce greenhouse emissions.

Last week, a report by the International Energy Agency (IEA) was released which indicated that China will become the worlds largest producer of greenhouse gas within the next few years. This finding is the very reason why a new Kyoto is necessary to truly reduce emissions.

The World Energy Outlook 2006 indicates that over the next few decades, unregulated emissions from China, India and other developing countries will account for most of the increase in greenhouse gas being pumped into the atmosphere.

In fact, within three to four years, China will overtake the United States as the worlds largest emitter of global emissions, with Chinas emissions more than doubling between 2004 and 2030.

As Kyoto stands now, fast-growing developing nations such as China and India are able to emit as much greenhouse gas as they choose. Unbelievably, the old Kyoto allows greenhouse gas emissions to increase by 40 per cent.

The Australian Government has consistently said that climate change is a global problem and, therefore, the international community needs a new Kyoto which will see all countries working equally hard to reduce greenhouse emissions.

There is no point making some of the worlds smaller emitters do most of the work while allowing the big emitters to continue unrestrained.

Boosting veterans health care

Northern Rivers veterans holding a gold or white card will benefit from a funding boost from the Australian Government to ensure their continued access to free, high quality health care.

This funding package is worth more than $600 million over the next five years and demonstrates the Australian Governments continued commitment to recognising the service and health needs of veterans and war widows.

The package acknowledges the high level of health care provided to gold and white card holders by specialists, general practitioners, allied health care providers, dentists, optometrists and pathologists.

The government wants to ensure that gold and white card holders enjoy peace of mind, knowing that if they require treatment, they will be looked after.

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