StarGazing with Lillith

This weeks seven planets in fixed signs translates as everyones entrenched attitudes getting a sort of cosmic jack hammering a breaking up of crystallised ideas and concrete habit patterns. Mercifully easing when Mercury moves out of retrograde on the weekend

ARIES: Everyone has vehement views and passionate opinions this week, not just you. And if they have to hear yours, its only fair you listen to theirs, wouldnt you say? Might even learn something which its hard to do when your lips are moving.

TAURUS: Definitely a challenging week for fixed signs which you could make much easier by not fighting it. Dedicate yourself instead to a worthy cause use all the powers youve been given to bring beauty, hope or happiness to whoevers around you.

GEMINI: Giant planetary changes are under way and people respond to this in different ways. You find it stimulating and exciting, while others may register it as majorly stressful. Be patient and understanding with those who process things more slowly than you do.

CANCER: Youve had some deep and meaningful insights lately about others, yourself, and the way your world works. This week needs you to start figuring out what youre going to do about it because next week sends you full on into doing it.

LEO: Leos arent easily satisfied. But your moods, anxieties, opinions, decisions, even unspoken wishes all affect those around you, so be aware of the difficulties that might create for others this week and keep the royal emissions user-friendly.

VIRGO: Virgos enjoy directing, overseeing and advising. This week intimacys a higher priority than group activities, so apply your advisory skills to the important people in your life who could do with your attention, support, guidance and understanding.

LIBRA: Yes its a tug of war between hanging on and letting go, but this is a particularly auspicious week for creative experiments, honing and refining skills, developing strategies, maintenance and repair, fixing whats fixable and getting rid of what isnt.

SCORPIO: Scorpios have a pretty vigorous sense of duty, but as this weeks birthday Scorpio Robert Louis Stevenson wrote: There is no duty we so much underrate as the duty of being happy. Make it this weeks imperative for yourself and those around you.

SAGITTARIUS: While youre undeniably brilliant at improvising, the old boy scout motto Be Prepared applies right now across the board all the way from specific planning to broad spectrum readiness, todays shopping list to long term, down the track goals.

CAPRICORN: Self control obviously has perfectly legitimate social uses, but be aware this week and always, really that it needs to be treated like clothes: as something you put on when its necessary and take off when its not needed.

AQUARIUS: Major change is afoot. Forcing it can be painful, so let things unfold in their own organic time and natural fashion. Assist others in their transitions, and biggest challenge of all look kindly on the changes going on in yourself.

PISCES: This week needs anchoring in nitty gritty reality particularly in regard to business agreements, and specifically those with friends. Take nothing for granted, make sure everythings spelled out leave no approximations, assumptions or fuzzy areas.

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