10 completely normal things all new parents go through

1. You no longer care about having a super messy house even if you have visitors

2. You've read the same baby book so many times you know parts of it off by heart

3. You very briefly fantasise about  hiding in the bathroom when your baby won't stop crying at 3am in the morning

4. You know what it is like to be a hermit

5. You're constantly calling the doctor worried that your baby has an ear infection

6. You can change a nappy absolutely anywhere

7. You aren't ashamed to smell your baby's butt in public

8. Sleep is a thing of the past

9. You catch yourself making funny faces to try to make your baby smile

10. Shower time is non-existent. You are lucky to get 5 minutes to yourself these days. 

Accepting truth heals national conscience

Accepting truth heals national conscience

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Stars dance for Cancer

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Lantern Parade route available

Lantern Parade route available

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