10 of the best sledges in the AFL

SAM Mitchell's jab jibe directed at Essendon players during the clash with the Hawks on Saturday afternoon at the MCG met with some controversy.

But, it's certainly not the first time, players have given each other stick on the footy field

Here are some the best we know of in recent years.


"My dad ******** your mum last night."

- Brisbane captain Michael Voss lets younger brother and St Kilda halfback Brett Voss have it during a clash of siblings.


"Get me a Footy Record, I want to find out who this kid is."

- The question North Melbourne skipper Wayne Carey often put to Kangaroos trainers in front of any young opponent he hadn't played on before.


"All I'd be is the player of the century."

- Brisbane coach Leigh Matthews responding to Justin Leppitsch asking his coach where he reckons he would be without him and his fellow players after they'd claimed a third straight premiership.


"They both sleep with the light on and in bunk beds."

- Brisbane's Martin Pike referring to the Wakelin twins, Shane and Daryl, after Shane had come to grips with Alastair Lynch in the 2004 Grand Final.


"Are you going to use the same bowl you use when you get your hair cut?"

- Essendon midfielder Mark McVeigh responding to Brisbane's Jonathan Brown telling him he was going to eat him.


"Do we get four points for this win or do we just get two?"

- Cheeky Geelong halfback Andrew Mackie asking teammates during a game in front of North Melbourne skipper Adam Simpson.


"It's because I've been carrying you guys for five years."

- Carlton recruit Chris Judd responding to jibes from former teammates at West Coast about the tape covering both his shoulders.


"I'd rather be dead than red."

- Lance Franklin firing back at Justin Leppitsch after the veteran gingertop Lions defender had given him some lip about 'killing him' during the Hawk's first season.


"Apart from me, you are the worst Brownlow Medallist that has ever played."

- Bulldogs scrapper Tony Liberatore, winner of the game's highest individual honour in 1990, to Lions star Michael Voss, who won in 1996.


"I accept cash or credit"

- Geelong forward Steve Johnson to Campbell Brown, alluding to the fact the then Hawk defender had to pay to watch the show 'Stevie J' was about to put on.

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