21 April - 21 May

While the Moon, which rules your third zone of travels, transit your Sun sign now, you may want to look over travel brochures a little more carefully before signing on the dotted line, and listen carefully to your heart.. ask is this really what you want? You're emotional about your decisions now as well so you need to be careful that you don�t jump the gun. If you feel duped by someone who hasn't paid what you're worth speak your mind as fair is fair. Ask for what you deserve but make sure you speak rationally rather than emotionally as you could become a little reactive! You're blocked creatively today.


22 May - 21 June

Expect a sudden turn of events at work. Venus is about to move out of your career zone and this indicates some change in circumstance or maybe even someone you work with leaving unexpectedly. Unforeseen events cause tension and also a rational decision making on your part. Venus and Saturn have not been in the best relationship lately and this is playing out in your work. Don't act impulsively until you have all the information. It's time to turn over a new leaf. The new moon means that you had to say no. Someone insists on disrupting your time-table and you need to put your foot down. Set limits!


22 June - 23 July

Your social life is on the upswing today with the recent new Moon activating your social networking and desire to connect with others, even strangers. It won't be long before you get some positive news due to the existing Venus from your ninth house of long-distance travel. There may be someone who is traveling or has been away a while who will make contact with you now. Start making plans and remain positive that your ambition for social acceptance will work. According to some reliable people, you're not to blame, and you shouldn�t be beating yourself up about it! A fresh perspective is needed.


24 July - 23 August

Before making it your business to take care of everyone make sure you don't jeopardise your responsibilities or your own personal needs. The Moon has a tendency to do this now that it is traveling through your career zone and you may take this opportunity to mother everyone around you when you should be looking after your own affairs first and foremost. Share a brilliant new idea in your workplace meeting. Don't be shy. You want things to work out as you�ve envisioned, so do your best to say what you feel creatively. Don't overplay your talents or you may have to bite off more than you can chew.


24 August - 23 September

Intuitively, you will come to a decision about some professional friction and this could be in part due to the transit of Mercury, your ruling planet and ruler of your profession moving in the difficult eighth house and yes, still retrograde. It�s imperative that there�s no dredging up of old stories. Leave them well and truly in the past. It�s an excellent day to make changes to your routine. Find out what's necessary for your long-range goals as these plans are going to be your new foundation. With Mars transiting your career sector you�ll have loads of energy to put those plans into action.


24 September - 23 October

You know that when the going gets rough the tough stick around to see what they can reap out of the situation! Mars is transiting your Sun sign and so this indeed reflects not just your toughness but also your courage to try something you haven�t done before. Expect some needed romance later in the day with the Moon in your eighth house. It could even be rather sensual. It�ll be pointless trying to make out you know what is going on when, as those who love you know you have little idea! Embrace the new and be gentle on yourself. Consistency between you and your partner is also important Right now.


24 October - 22 November

Prepare yourself for a day when everything can become confusing. But take heed and the fact that a recent new Moon in your marital sector promises better relationships in the coming months. You will only have limited energy and time to put into people and their problems - give a thought to delegation and most importantly prioritise those in your life who mean the most to you. Your skills in communicating a problem will be a key issue in making peace not war. Don't complicate your words, keep things simple and speak from the heart. You have luck on your side but mustn�t rely on that one factor.


23 November - 22 December

There�s a lot of activity regarding the sorting out of some romantic matters and revamping your approach to love - this could mean more emotional responses from your partner, or maybe not especially with Mars staring things out in your seventh house of relationships currently. You�ll struggle with an unexpected decision concerning a job opportunity. Consider that you or someone else need not consult each other on the matter. But by the same token expect some backlash if you decide to make a decision on your own. You do have an opportunity to earn or win something which you had not anticipated.


23 December - 20 January

As far as your work direction is concerned it�s a big step for you to take at this stage, but, when you do the calculations and weigh up the pros and cons, the only way to move is forward. With the new Moon having now just occurred in your fifth house of creativity you have loads of ideas to play with but perhaps too many ideas revolving in your mind so the trick is to filter through to those things which are core to your beliefs and your objectives in life. If you prefer to do things the way you have previously found to be efficient, talk to your boss/partner and see if your needs can be accommodated.


21 January - 19 February

Now that things are totally clear, it won�t take much to get things up and running with everyone on side. People sense your genuine energy and furthermore with the recent new Moon in your fourth house of family affairs, your feel as if you have a lot more support from relatives on the home front. You'll generally have to compromise to have the whole world smiling but if families on side, that�s half the battle won. At work, it�s a case of getting what you are given and liking it. You'll have to contend with some disappointment but be tactful with others. Things go your way when you least expect it.


20 February - 20 March

You know you must exhibit the courage to confront someone but may be backtracking for fear of the consequences. Even if you�ve weighed up your options you may still feel somewhat uncertain about how to maneuver the political terrain at work. With the Moon, and it being a new one recently, transiting in your third house of communications, you can take a new tack at present your ideas in writing so that at least there is a record of what has said and this will most certainly short-circuit any ambiguity or misunderstanding. You may be a little tired of socialising at the moment as Venus exits your Sun sign.


21 March - 20 April

Before you listen to others have a think about what you're wanting from the situation. A succinct phone conversation or email with someone at a distance should clear the air. But with Mars still transiting your third house of communications there may be some difficulty and having a mutually calm discussion. Recently, you were certain that you didn�t want to make a move, yet today you'll be totally brave and start making plans for an exciting change in your life. This is due to the influence of Mars transiting your zone of short travels and in some cases hyperactivity. This will make you restless.

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While the Moon, which rules your third zone of travels, transit your Sun sign now, you may want to look over travel brochures a little more...

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