Mixed Crop and Livestock farmer

Date listed: 3/9/2019
Tregeagle Full Time

James Moorcroft Farming Pty Ltd operates a macadamia, cattle and sheep farm on a 41.6 hectare farm. The business now requires an experienced full-time Farmer to manage the day-to-day operations of the farm.
The annual salary for this position is $80,400 plus 9.5% superannuation contribution.
The responsibilities of the successful applicant are as follows:
- Experience managing and operating a farming business of mixed livestock and crops, including organising and managing farmhands, ensuring operations according to budgets set by farm owner
- Experience in organising sale, purchase and transport of livestock and produce, including liaising with purchasers and suppliers
- Directing, overseeing and implementing general farming procedures such as fertilising, pest control and weed control
- Maintaining farm buildings, fences and machinery including maintaining and operating a lambing shed
- Irrigation knowledge and experience, including ensuring irrigation systems are efficient and working.
- Experience operating tractors, nut harvesting equipment, ride-on mowers, backhoe / front end loader, and mini-loader / excavator, augers, fertiliser spreaders, sprayers and heavy-duty mulching equipment. Ensuring safe operation by farmhands
- Experience in operating chain saws and other tree pruning equipment, and ensuring safe operation by farmhands
- Basic Macadamia farming knowledge and experience especially in terms of planting, harvesting, and soil management
- Knowledge and experience in cattle Breeding and husbandry
- Intensive sheep breeding and husbandry experience, including synchronising sheep cycles with artificial insemination
- Knowledge and experience of intensive sheep hydroponic feeding system

Required experience:
- At least 5 years' experience as a Farm Manager and/or Bachelors Degree with 3 years' experience as a Farm Manager
- Valid Driver's License

Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

Job Type
Full Time
Farming, Animals & Conservation
Sub Sector
Agronomy & Farm Services

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