OPINION: My wife's put her foot down over my shoes

Story Published: 27 Feb 2016

THERE are a lot of things I do which make my wife roll her eyes. My dancing and singing are probably top of the list.

Damian Bathersby, Humour Column

Poisonous pick-up line peril

Story Published: 4 Jun 2011

WHEN it comes to men, sometimes they will do and say just about anything to get the attention of a woman.

Fallon Hudson, Humour Column, Opinion, Venus And Mars

Bedroom bliss fades like doona cover

Story Published: 16 Jun 2011

DURING the first few years of wedded bedroom bliss, the husband will do anything for his bride - but share a doona long...

Family Taming, Humour Column, Opinion, Wendy Andrews

Gizzard war on smugglers

Story Published: 30 Nov 2011

THE Federal Government has gifted Indonesia three fast boats in a gesture to help our northern neighbours combat budgie...

Humour, Humour Column, Opinion, Thirsty Cow

Wobbles in world of wigglie

Story Published: 24 Jan 2012

THE world of children's entertainment has been thrown into disarray through a decision by singing group The Wigglies to...

Humour Column, Opinion, Thirsty Cow

Newton's laws apply to shopping

Story Published: 24 Dec 2011

AFTER discovering the laws of motion, renowned scientist Isaac Newton announced to the world, “For every action there is an...

Christmas, Family Taming, Humour, Humour Column, Opinion, Shopping, Wendy'S World

Shaking up the batting crew

Story Published: 21 Dec 2011

PRIME Minister Julia Gizzard has revamped her batting line-up and sent some ministers back to politician school after a dud...

Humour, Humour Column, Opinion, Thirsty Cow

Raring to rule ... again

Story Published: 8 Nov 2011

POWERBROKERS have called in historians to rewrite history in the hope that they can dust off former Prime Minister Kevin...

Humour, Humour Column, Opinion, Thirsty Cow

Black hole our 'best hope'

Story Published: 13 Dec 2011

THE global economy has been declared “totally screwed” by economists after Europe was confirmed officially broke and the...

Humour, Humour Column, Opinion, Thirsty Cow

Glee drought threatens

Story Published: 1 Aug 2011

UNHAPPY people have been accused of undermining Australia's economic recovery and infesting society with a rampant glumness...

Humour Column, Opinion, Thirsty Cow

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