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When you gotta go, you gotta go

Story Published: 10 Apr 2012

WHEN there isn't a loo within cooee and you feel an urgent call of nature, life quickly gets complicated.

Newton's laws apply to shopping

Story Published: 24 Dec 2011

AFTER discovering the laws of motion, renowned scientist Isaac Newton announced to the world, “For every action there is an...

A household held hostage by hormones

Story Published: 4 Apr 2012

I CAN always tell when my kids are out of bed. That's when the fighting starts. I also know when they've gone to bed.

Foul-mouthed sandwich

Story Published: 27 Nov 2011

CHEF Gordon Ramsay and I had a lot in common this week. I'm not beginning to cook like him, I'm beginning to sound like...

A woman of a certain age

Story Published: 28 Mar 2012

IT'S a sad reality but there are things a 22-year-old female can endure that the body of a woman of a certain age is no...

Learning not to set the bar too high

Story Published: 11 Mar 2012

AS A mother I've learned not to set the bar too high. You only set yourself up for disappointment, damages or at the very...

'Austar moments' and a bed of nails

Story Published: 29 Feb 2012

THERE'S nothing quite like the comfort of your own bed. A place to rest your head after a long hard day and a place of...

Blokes and their baggage

Story Published: 22 Sep 2011

MOST women I know have a bag they happily call “friend”.

Grocery skirmish ugly game

Story Published: 6 Nov 2011

I HAVE just got to come right out and say this – I hate grocery shopping. Absolutely hate it.

You're embarrassing me

Story Published: 15 Jul 2011

IF you're planning a mother and daughter shopping trip to buy clothes for your 13-year-old daughter I have one just word to...

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