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A crowd gathers outside 'Northies Hotel' at Cronulla after a man was chased inside, Sydney, Sunday, Dec. 11, 2005.

Take back the stars and wear the Southern Cross with pride

RAPPER 360 (Matt Colwell) caused an uproar earlier in the week when he said on Q&A that he identified the Australian flag and the Southern Cross with racism.


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I think the red black yellow flags are a bit aggressive, and Australians identify with blue. However, there are two good examples of southern cross flags: One is the northern territory state flag, and the other is the New Guinea flag. The two could be...

Bill Hoffman


OPINION: LNP’s leasing plan ignores the future

WHEN governments talk about privatisation of assets, particularly around energy and water, make no mistake – they are essentially selling a customer base.


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john_fogarty - Caloundra

Those of us who are anxiously and impatiently awaiting the new generation of Lithium batteries to back up solar panels are also pessimistically fearing that the State Government will pass a law banning disconnection from the grid so we will be stuck...

Damian Bathersby

Sami Muirhead

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