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ABC correspondent Hayden Cooper, whose parents live in Wardell.

Reporting from Gaza - no wonder his parents are worried

PARENTS Stephen and Julie Cooper may seem like they worry too much about the work their son Hayden does.


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picman2 - Coffs Harbour

These reporters and companies sending them there are fools for doing this. Lets look at what we have now and not compare it to say world war one or two periods. We actually have technology now. Yes we have the Internet that can stream too and from those...

WASTE MANAGEMENT: Benaraby Waste Landfill.

Study warns councils not to spend cash held for Carbon Tax

COUNCILS have been urged not to spend the money raised to pay the carbon tax, after a study assessed how the tax repeal would affect local government.


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tstevens - Biggenden

So those councils that had 'free dumping' prior to the Carbon Tax, and who put a fee on dumping after the C T, do we assume that fee has gone now? What say you North Burnett Council. Are the tips at Biggenden and Gayndah free for residents yet? If...


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