21 January - 19 February

A sentimental energy pervades your spirit today and you'll feel like making contact with old time friends and relatives. Take some time out to show your appreciation for the help received from others in the past. Your generosity is also quite evident at present and you'll want to make some sort of donation to a good cause. With Saturn and the Moon in your 11th house, you may be feeling a little restrained with one or more friends and need to allow this transit the past before you vent your spleen. You may not be happy about the words or actions of someone now.


20 February - 20 March

You are certain that you're right on a matter of business principle only to find that you're challenged by someone less experienced. The recent hard aspect of Mars and Saturn shows just how frustrated you may have been regarding these professional matters. How will you handle this? Will your ego get in the road or will you perhaps give them a little extra rope to hang themselves? See, you really do have a choice in how you handle this but may be thinking otherwise.


21 March - 20 April

You can investigate several additional income streams today but if you disperse your energies, thereby distracting yourself from your primary objective it will neutralise all your good work to date. Your ruling planet Mars along with Venus, ruler of your financial sector around the 12th house of expense. You need to sort the chaff from the wheat before making any commitment to a financial course. Remain focussed on your main task and this will be enough for the time being. Extra income will eventually follow.


21 April - 21 May

A sudden and exciting love affair might not last all that long but WOW, it could just knock your socks off. With Mars and Venus transiting your 11th house of friendships is likely that new acquaintances could well turn out to be sexual partners and/or lovers now while this transit is in place. Enjoy what the Universe has on offer and be up front with each other so that no one is hurt in the process. Taking a gamble on love seems to be the way it might go now.


22 May - 21 June

Pay additional attention to workplace safety and comfort. You may be impulsive now due to the powerful influence of Mars in your 10th house which, although offering ample opportunity for promotion, leadership and success, does make you somewhat rash, without thought of consequence. Noise and other irritating background chit chat will antagonise you. Take an early lunch break. With the Moon transiting your seventh house and in conjunction with Saturn, your personal affairs may not be so bright. Take heart that this is a fast-moving transit and shouldn’t last that long.


22 June - 23 July

You are ready to explore new work and study techniques now that the son is transiting your ninth house of higher learning. Technology will appeal to you in this cycle and you should consider how you can combine what you know with progressive technological career options. I see a lot of unusual activity in your place of work - exciting personally and professionally. Workplace colleagues could stifle you and with the Moon and Saturn transiting your workplace area, you are likely to feel hamstrung on ideas and projects as they are not on the same page as you.


24 July - 23 August

The sexual advances of someone will definitely be flattering but also disquieting. The Moon and Saturn transit your fifth house of love affairs today. You have to be creative and diplomatic to keep the person at arm’s length but by the same token, to not to alienate them or scare them away. Get together in a public place are always a safe bet this will give you the opportunity to gauge their intent and depth of sincerity. Creative matters may also be on hold as this transit dominates you the next day or so.


24 August - 23 September

Your health will improve now but you need to continue the dietary discipline. You only need to factor a little time each day into your schedule to continue the good results of late. A taste for rich foods needs to be curbed for a while at least! Don’t forget also that your state of mind is a great impact upon your physical well-being. With the transit of the Moon and Saturn in your fourth house you may be the one triggering some of the adverse physical reactions you are experiencing now.


24 September - 23 October

Your mind is wavering on a financial decision and could cause you to act irrationally by spending more than you need to. Become more informed before putting your cash on the table today. This is especially important if children are involved and you feel pressures into handing over money with conditions applying. Create some financial rules now. Travel is also strongly on the cards with a cluster of planets in your ninth house. With Mars and Venus playing a role in this, romance at a distance may most certainly be something at the top of your agenda.


24 October - 22 November

Earlier to bed, earlier to rise is a better option for you now. If your energy levels are low, the amount of sleep will not be as important as the quality. Also, deep breathing before bed will calm your restless mind and give you a deeper more refreshing rest. Although it may not be easy, try to smile and be positive about things even if you are feeling frustrated. A new interest in cross-cultural activities could also be on the cards a good lead you into a new circle of friends with fascinating new ideas.


23 November - 22 December

Watch your money and possessions. You may misplace something important all may even be the subject of fraud or theft. You can't afford the time running here there and everywhere recollecting where you put things. Get organised and don't do too many things at a time. Check the status of your bills. You may have overlooked some important payment as well. The Moon and Saturn in conjunction indicate that you may be worried over money unnecessarily. Keep a check on things, maintain a good payment schedule and free your mind.


23 December - 20 January

Slower thinking will help you attain your objectives today but that may be difficult with Neptune Venus and Mars all transiting your third house of thinking now. You may think that speed is the way but you'll only trip yourself up. Maintain presence of mind in all your negotiations and you'll also enjoy the moment so much more as well. This is also not the best time to be signing or agreeing to any contract as you may be impulsive, thereby overlooking some of the finer details.

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A sentimental energy pervades your spirit today and you'll feel like making contact with old time friends and relatives. Take some time out to...

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