21 April - 21 May

Your domestic environment will only give you back exactly what you put in. If you feel uncomfortable or disconnected from those you live with now look at yourself to see where you can improve the situation. Your environment truly is a barometer of what you are generating within yourself and around you. Make yourself available to enjoy a get together in a quiet family sort of setting. This is also a lucky period but not so much for wealth as for peace of mind and general happiness. This can also spill over into your professional life and bring with it some nice times over the coming days and weeks.


22 May - 21 June

You must realise that sometimes the outer planets create the generational and cultural changes, sometimes revolutionary ones that are out of your control. You may see this happening with a friend or two just now it is much as you want to help them realise that there's nothing much you can do for them because they are the cause of their own problems and perhaps they are into deep now and nothing will help them. Understanding this doesn't mean you can't still be there is a support emotionally try not to get sucked into the ""emotional vampire". This is where the saviour can very quickly become the victim.


22 June - 23 July

Both your personal income and business profitability look favourable however this could give you a false sense of security if you're not careful. While money is coming in you should always save for a rainy day and make provision for those times when there's a scarcity of cash. It's easy to spend, be lavish and generous with those you love but don't forget that spending without any planning is foolish and will eventually undermine your stability. You may hear news of a marriage, engagement or birth or at least some great news about someone you have affection for.


24 July - 23 August

Rather than shutting someone out because they're in a bad mood you have the opportunity to elevate them and bring a smile to the face today. It'll  be easy to walk away especially if they've been rather difficult recently but the challenge is to rise above any sort of pettiness and be the hero in the situation. Females should be careful during this cycle as it may indicate problems with the reproductive system or menstrual cycle. As always, bodily discomfort is a reflector of perhaps some long-standing emotional state that needs to be dealt with, and dealt with sooner rather than later.


24 August - 23 September

If you accept help especially of a financial nature a sense of obligation will set in and this in turn creates tension with the person in question. Unless it's absolutely necessary try and find alternative methods for dealing with shortages in cash and material needs. This doesn't mean you shouldn't say yes to an introduction for a new job or position which  could be your ticket to an increased cash flow in coming months. On another note, you may have a desire to do some charitable work now ( even though you may be strapped for cash yourself  ) but don't forget your nearest and dearest who may also need your assistance. Charity begins at home.


24 September - 23 October

Sometimes it’s hard to know whether to completely forget about someone you loved in the past or to maintain contact. The fear is that you could fall back into the trap of that negative emotional cycle. The trick is to give yourself enough time to clear any entanglements and of course if the relationship finished on a bad note it means that deep down you do have unresolved issues. These can be settled without having to confront the person face-to-face but nevertheless need to be cleared away so that you can emotionally move forward now.


24 October - 22 November

Making demands on others simply pushes them away so you need subtle way of getting others to do what you want without making them feel as though you're holding a gun to their head. Being quietly assertive and yet at the same time charmingly persuasive is an excellent combination that will do the trick. Alternatively you could try getting others to do your dirty work for you. The difficulty here is that that may cost you money but are  you have to weigh up whether the cost is worth peace of mind in the long run.


23 November - 22 December

You have an immense appetite for work just now but may unwittingly get people on the wrong side by contrasting their inadequacies. Sometimes it's better to do your work in a cloistered environment, away from those who might not only see just how much you're getting done but  could also gain an insight into your methodologies and intellectual property. Venus continues to bless you with good luck as well so your personal relationships should also be enjoyable now.


23 December - 20 January

Getting to the bottom of your financial, banking and taxation issues is important if only to give you peace of mind now. There's nothing worse than having that monkey on your back. On a personal note, our intimate affairs should prosper now with sexual exhanges fulfilling you. If you decide to enter into any sort of business alliance it's important to clarify the breakdown, equity and input of each of the parties. It's possible you may overlook some of these details with unfavourable commercial results in the end if you do so.


21 January - 19 February

This day or two is very lucky for you as far as relationships are concerned and you do have the opportunity to smooth over any disagreements you had and to further enhance your love life. Communication is at the heart of this and it could be that you and your significant other decide to step outside the normal routine of discussion to try something different. Cutting back on your social agenda creates more time and space further improving your personal affairs now.


20 February - 20 March

Less is more seems to be the theme today so when in discussions try to sit back, relax and listen to what's being said. Believe it or not brevity and even silence will give you the edge in any sort of negotiation during this cycle. Inwardly you will want to see your stamp of individuality in these matters but your authority will be better served by remaining silent. There are changes in the workplace and this attitude will help you in this respect as well.


21 March - 20 April

You need to release yourself today from the notion that having fun is somehow something to feel guilty about. You have a great combination of planets which give you the opportunity to enjoy the company of others while at the same time expressing yourself. Games of chance, speculation and other competitive activities suit you down to the ground. Don't let yourself however get too serious in any sort of sporting environment as you may lose sight of the fact that games should after all be only entertainment. Spending time with children can open your eyes to some new spiritual truths.

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Your domestic environment will only give you back exactly what you put in. If you feel uncomfortable or disconnected from those you live with...

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