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Mr Mike Baird 2013 Gympie Regional Council Mayoral Prayer Breakfast.

No honeymoon for new premier Mike Baird

THE New South Wales Opposition is attempting to stop newly appointed Premier Mike Baird from having a honeymoon period.

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Acting and theatre program for adults

THE Lismore Theatre Company is offering a five-week acting and improvisation course for Northern Rivers adults to be held at the Rochdale Theatre.

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Bob McCoskrie: Gender agenda confusing children

THERE has been no shortage of media reports lately regarding gender change - even of children.

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Part 2. I know, I'm blushing, okay? Bob, what you have been describing is a perennial bid for _control_ - over the very thought processes of other people, especially those for whom, as an accident of birth, you think are "Yours"; "pater familias"...

dalejmelbourne from Godwin Beach

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